Gage Christine Bock, MA, ACC, CPCC


Hi there. I’m Gage.

Well…. where does one begin in talking about oneself?

Perhaps the best place to begin is by sharing what I value most in life: authenticity, making a difference, courage, independence, growth, wisdom, nature, creativity, and this absolutely magnificent planet that we all get to live on each and every single day!

I also love art and creativity, and actually think of my life as my own personal artwork. I like knowing that I get to create and re-create my own story (i.e., life) every single day, and that if I don't like the story I'm telling, that I can just change it! I also like knowing that no one can “make” me feel anything, but rather, I have the responsibility (response -ability) to choose how I want to feel in any given moment to any given thing. 

I’m also a seeker at heart. I’ve always had something in me that pushes me to explore my edges and dive underneath appearances to see what’s really going on below. I love exploring the depths. 

Today I feel very grateful to live in a place where I am surrounded by nature and doing work that feels very much in alignment with who I truly am. But it certainly wasn’t always like this.

There was a time in my life when I felt totally off-purpose, doing work I didn’t like, was thousands of dollars in debt with no idea how to get out of it, and felt totally hopeless and in despair about my life. 


For most of my adult life, I've been driven to find the deeper layers of truth, both within myself and in life itself.

From my teens to my early twenties, I battled with eating challenges (binge eating). I really wanted to understand WHY I was driven to eat, as well as HOW I might heal that pattern in myself. Through lots of introspection and inner study, over time, I eventually got down to the roots of the pattern and was able to shift. But another hunger quickly took hold: the hunger to know myself and what lay underneath the surface of my ego.

In my late twenties, when trying to decide between going to the Peace Corps or getting my Masters Degree in Psychology, I chose the latter. I enrolled in a Masters program in Spiritual Psychology, and no joke, this changed my life profoundly.  

Through the program, I learned how to take true responsibility for myself and my happiness on all levels -physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I learned how to show up for and counsel myself in a way that I'd never known how to before, thus creating the foundation of a very solid and strong relationship with my Self (the most important relationship in my life, as I see it).

I also learned one of the biggest lessons of my life:

True happiness never resides outside of oneself (i.e., in a job, romantic partner, more money, etc), but rather, it always starts WITHIN first, and then the outside (life) reflects that inner state back.

(the crazy thing to me is that WE NEVER LEARN THIS growing up in our culture! Rather, we learn to try and fill all the voids within us by getting more stuff or trying to find more love or money or whatever. But that's a different rant for another day :).

By my early thirties, I was almost obsessed with questions like, What am I here for? What is my deeper purpose? What am I here to give or share in this world? And these questions plagued me because, for one, I really didn't know, and two, because one of my values is 'making a difference', so to not know what that difference was that I was to be making was painful.

By my mid-thirties, I was making great strides on the outer level of life. I'd paid off $30k in debt working at a job I actually liked. I found myself in a truly supportive, loving and awesome relationship with a man I loved. And, I was just starting my own small business as a coach on the side. But the Universe had other plans for me: I was laid off from my cushy job and found myself getting unemployment benefits, not yet able to support myself in my coaching work.


Now, while I wouldn't have left my job on my own, I took it as a sign that the Universe saw me as ready to be out on my own. 

I suddenly found myself with a lot more free time. So, rather than go straight back to the hamster wheel of work, I chose to get off of it. I dove deep into learning about my Soul and how it was trying to guide me (versus how my Ego wanted me to remain in my comfortable little life). I continued to struggle with the question of What am I here to give or share with the world? How can I serve? I

I'd have nights where I would awaken in fear, thinking about how short life is, and wondering if I would ever be able to share anything of value before I shuffled off this mortal coil. I enacted a Vision Fast (a 4 day ritual of going out into nature alone, without shelter, fasting and praying for a vision to bring back for my people) to help me find my answers, and I spent many, many hours alone, listening for my inner voice and doing my best to follow it.

It was during this chapter, too, that I learned that Soul speaks not so much in words, but in much subtler ways, through feelings, sensations, intuitive nudges, images, etc. I learned the value of slowing waaaay down. I learned that my Ego was very uncomfortable being off of the hamster wheel (of having a "regular job"), but I realized that it was just doing it's best to try and keep me safe in the (limited) ways it knew how.


This last chapter has morphed into where I am today, a few years later. Of course, I am still a seeker. I still have SO MANY questions, and not a lot of answers. I do feel now, however, that I am on the right path for me doing work I believe in, even though there are many (many!) times I question the right next step to take. But I think that's just life.

What I've learned so far is that when I turn within and ask for guidance, and then listen for what comes, I usually find the next step.

And that's all one really needs.... to just take the next step.


I believe that we're each born with a very particular niche to fill in the world, and our true work is to find, embody, and inhabit that niche (or place) as fully as we can while we’re here (no small task to be sure). Furthermore, I believe that our world actually needs us to fill this place in order for the entire ecosystem to truly thrive. 

However, I also believe that our crazy, unhealthy culture does not do a good job of helping us hear the quite calling of our Soul and find our true place in the world. Rather, it encourages us to fit into a pre-existing mold and work like a cog in a machine. And in my opinion, that's a pretty soul-deadening approach to life.


As a Soul-Centered Professional Life Coach, I help people tune into the voice of their own Soul, and then take action from that place.  

I do this work because I believe that we each have something important and necessary to give this world, and I know just how hard it can be to even find that thing, let alone actually give or express it. I do this work because I believe that the world needs - now more than ever - each of us to BE who we truly came here to be, and to listen within for our truth - not only for our own fulfillment, but also for the health of the planet.


At this point on my path, what I know for sure is that journey of Soul is not for the faint of heart. It can be a journey that takes us to our very edge and then keeps us there for an unknown amount of time. It can be a path that includes heart-break as well as intense joy. It can be an unmarked trail, found only by taking one step at a time. 

However, while it may not always be comfortable (growth often isn’t), what I've found is that it's ultimately the most rewarding path, for when we’re truly in alignment with our Soul, we feel it. It’s a path of radical self-honesty, courage, humility, and the willingness to be vulnerable. It’s the journey of your life.

Ready to learn more? 

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