Photo: Andrea Fine Portraits

Photo: Andrea Fine Portraits

Gage Christine Bock, MA, ACC, CPCC

Hi! I’m Gage. 

Here’s what I value most in life:  

Authenticity, being oneself, making a difference, courage, independence, growth, having fun/play, nature, creativity, and this absolutely magical and magnificent EARTH that we get to call home!

My path to becoming a life coach has been a bit of a windy one (but isn’t that just life?). 

And, what I know so far about living a life that's authentic and true to who we are is that it isn’t a linear path. It’s more like this:

the creative path


What I also know is that our egos tend to really dislike this non-linear, unclear way. Rather, they want the sure thing, the solid bet, the pay off. However, in my experience so far, life just isn’t like that most of the time.

What I’ve found to be more true (from walking my own path as well as working with others who are actively following their north stars), is that when we’re really pursuing what’s true in our heart, it feels more like a faith walk. It’s like walking in the dark with just a flashlight at our feet. And this is NOT what most of us consciously or actively want! (and it's certainly not what our culture or society teaches us to strive for).

However, this non-path path is also the one on which we tend to feel most alive, most present, and most true to who we really are.



I believe that we're each born with a very particular niche to fill in the world, and that our true work is to find, embody, and inhabit that niche (or place) as fully as we can while we’re here (no small task to be sure). Furthermore, I believe that our world actually needs us to fill this place in order for the entire ecosystem to truly thrive. 

However, I also believe that our uber productive, oft-distracted, fast-paced and unhealthy society does not do a good job of helping us hear the quiet calling of the soul. Rather, it encourages us to listen to fit into a pre-existing mold and work like a cog in a machine, which, in my opinion is a pretty soul-deadening approach to life.



As a Soul-Centered Professional Life Coach, I help people tune in to the voice of their own soul (truth, intuition, higher purpose), and then take action from that place.  

I do this work because I believe that we EACH have something important and necessary to give and share with world, and I personally know just how hard it can be to know what that thing is, let alone actually give or express it. 

I do this work because I believe that the world needs - now more than ever - each of us to BE who we truly came here to be, and to listen within for our truth - not only for our own fulfillment, but also for the health of the planet and future life.



What I know for sure is that journey of Soul is not for the faint of heart. It can be a journey that takes us to our very edge and then keeps us there for an unknown amount of time. It can be a path that includes heart-break as well as intense joy. It can be an unmarked trail, found only by taking one step at a time. 

However, while it may not always be comfortable (growth often isn’t), what I've found is that it's ultimately the most rewarding path, for when we’re truly in alignment with our Soul, we feel it. It’s a path of radical self-honesty, courage, humility, and the willingness to be vulnerable. It’s the journey of your life.

Ready to learn more? 

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