Personal Coaching

If you are ready for real change in your life, then working with a coach may be right for you.

Three of the most important initial factors in determining the success of coaching are

  1. What your goals/dreams/visions are

  2. How ready you are to reach them

  3. How the coach and the client "vibe"

If you have dreams that you are really ready to bring to fruition now, the next step is to determine if we’re a good coaching match. To this end, I offer a complimentary consultation (see below).

If we determine that we ARE a good fit and decide to coach together, our first coaching session will be an extended, in-depth session where we’ll clarify your dreams and goals, look at what’s been getting in the way of you having those (mindsets, limiting beliefs, etc), and what you can do to start moving forward immediately.

From there, we meet every other week by phone for a minimum of three months (that’s 6 sessions).

After our initial three month engagement, we’ll check to see where you are with your goals, and determine if it’s right to continue or not.


If you're curious to learn more, I offer a complimentary consultation to answer any questions you might have. Choose a time below and I'll be in touch shortly.