Deep Imagery

A guided journey into the depths of YOU

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Depth psychologists say that the substance of the Soul is image, and that deep imagery (imagery that comes to us unbidden from the unconscious) is one of the most direct and potent means for accessing soul. 

On deep imagery journeys we can meet inner guides and allies, encounter symbols, and connect with imagery that can assist us in deepening into the ever-evolving conversation with our own soul and life itself.

What can a deep imagery journey be helpful for?

Deep imagery journeys can be useful in gaining insight into what our Souls are trying to communicate with us (rather than listening to our more fearful Ego/mind).

They are also helpful in gaining a deeper level of understanding around a particular issue or decision we might be facing, and can open up different perspectives.  

how does it work?

In a personalized journey, you'll first send me an email of what is currently "up" for you (any length).

I'll read it, and based on what you've written, will create a deep imagery journey personalized to you.

We'll then find a time for the journey itself, which will take 30-45 minutes in total.

We'll spend the last 15-20 minutes of our session talking about what you discovered and how you might work with it going forward.

Journeys are help via phone, so you just need a phone connection and an hour of quiet free time.



Individual Session (1 hour):  $35-$70 (choose your price)

Group Facilitated Sessions:  Please be in touch

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