This September, six awesome, inspiring and nature-loving women will set out, with backpacks ready and boots tied, to experience the glory of the Eastern Sierras.

Ready for an adventure?

Imagine this:  it's a Friday afternoon in late September. Summer's passed, and you are perched on the threshold of your life, looking ahead into fall. 

As you lift your pack onto your back, you feel your feet planted firmly on the earth. Beside you are five other awesome and adventure-loving women. Looking ahead, you see great granite peaks and deep green pines, with an azure sky painted in the background. 

You're about to set off into outer wilds of the Sierras, and into the inner wilds of your Self.

the Journey

On this journey, you'll have the opportunity to trek into one of the prettiest places on earth - Little Lakes Valley, in the John Muir Wilderness, next door to Yosemite National Park.

A friendly backpacking trip suited for all levels of experience, we will hike in just about 2 miles in on Friday and set up our camp.

From there, this journey will be filled with time for you to commune with nature and your Self in your own way:  journaling, drawing, painting, reading, hiking, napping, or whatever sounds good to you!

You'll also have the opportunity to participate in some nature-based, personal growth exercises designed to help you dive deeper into your own true nature. 

Finally, after spending two glorious nights under the stars, you'll walk back to civilization with not only more strength in your physical body, but more calm and connection to your own true nature and to this wild Earth.

The Details

* Please note:  you'll need access your own backpacking gear, or be able to borrow or rent it (many REI locations or Adventure 16 here in Los Angeles rent gear)


Who:    Creative, cool and adventurous women :) (space is limited to 5)

What:   48-hour backpacking retreat (breakfasts & dinners provided)

When:   Friday, Sept 22- Sunday, Sept 24, 2017

Where:  Little Lakes Valley, Eastern Sierras, California

Cost:      $115