Living As If   

A 7-week Experiential Learning & Growth Group for Women Who Are Ready to Be More Visible in Their Soul-infused Work


- The Starting Premises - 

First, why a group called "Living As If"?  

The name was inspired by the last chapter of the book Soulcraft, by Bill Plotkin. The full title of the chapter is "Living As If Your Place In The World Mattered," and when I first read those words, I was struck by the realization that I had, in fact, been living many of my days as if my place in the world did NOT matter so much. Reading that chapter title when I did was an inspiring reminder that my place in world DID actually matter, and that I had a choice in how I showed up in my life each and every day.  So first and foremost, this group is built on the premise that each of our lives - and how we show up in and participate in them - matter. 

Secondly, this group is about cultivating our innate and instinctive gifts as women, especially in the work we're doing in the world.

Each of us was born a wild, whole, sensitive, and fully feeling person. However, somewhere along the line, many of us (by no fault of our own) forget about our innate wholeness, either because our culture didn't support it, and/or we were never taught about it by our elders or family unit (because they were never shown by their elders). 

The tragedy of this is that we could go our entire lives not knowing our true potential, simply because we were never shown.

The good news is that these innate resources are there, right inside of us, just waiting to be uncovered. They are our natural and instinctive ways of being, and, once discovered and consciously tuned into, can help us to realize our full human potential -- our fierce, bold, creative and fully human way of belonging to and contributing in the world.


 - The Intention - 

In LIVING AS IF, a small group of women will come together for 7 weeks to explore and embody their innate and wild resources*, especially as they relate to bringing our authentic, soul-infused work into the world.

The intention of LIVING AS IF is to help each woman cultivate her own native wholeness, and in so doing, show up more visibly and authentically in her soul-infused work or service.


 - The Results - 

As a member of LIVING AS IF, you will:

  • Identify your long term vision and your short term work/career goals
  • Take risks and put yourself out there in the world with 5 other awesome women cheering you on!
  • Create and make significant progress on your own professional project (see 'The Growth Project' below)
  • Learn to invoke the four feminine facets of Wholeness (see 'The Curriculum' below), bringing greater fulfillment, clarity, and confidence to your work


- Who is 'LIVING AS IF' For? - 

LIVING AS IF is for smart, courageous, and real women who:

  • Are wanting to become more visible and expressed in their soul work now
  • Know the pain of living a too-small life
  • Are interested in exploring the question of what it means to live as if their place in the world really does matter 
  • Are ready to step forward in a bigger, bolder way in their work
  • Are open to taking risks and are willing to be all in
  • Are smart, fun, open-minded, and have a great sense of humor :)
  • Like diving in deep and challenging themselves to risk and grow with other like-minded, like-hearted women


- The Growth Project - 

While LIVNG AS IF is a learning group, it is also a growth group. As such, one aspect of the group is that you get to bring some sort of project (your “growth project”) to work on, something that you’d like to make visible to the world.

Your Growth Project can be anything you like, however, it must meet just one criteria:  It must stretch you to your current edge and challenge you to grow in a way that you want to grow now.

For example, it might be something like:

  • Leading your first workshop or retreat
  • Writing (and publishing!) your real, honest and vulnerable blog each week
  • Starting to speak publicly
  • Getting your first real client
  • Teaching something heartfelt and important to you to your community

What your Growth Project might be?


 - the curriculum - 

Here's an outline of the 7-week program*:

Week 1:  The Wise Woman.  In our first call, we’ll dive into exploring our North aspect of wholeness, the Wise Woman. Who is she? What are her strengths/gifts/capacities and how can they help us do our authentic work in the world? Growth Project task #1.

Week 2:  The Wild Woman.  On this call, we’ll journey into the South facet of our wholeness: the erotic, embodied, fully feeling Wild Woman. How does this sensual one of us long to BE in the world, and how do her strengths/capacities inform our work? Growth Project task #2.

Week 3: Integration + Action, Part 1.  How is your Growth Project going? This call will be a mini Mastermind session where you’ll get to share your wins, ask questions, get support around any challenges you might be facing, etc. You'll get the wisdom, support and encouragement of the group to help you overcome any obstacles or fears you may be facing! Growth Project task #3.

Week 4:  The Coyote Woman.  This week we’ll explore the East - the "trickster" aspect of our wholeness! How does this part help us easily laugh things off and not take ourselves so seriously? Growth Project task #4.

Week 5: The Witchy Woman.  In this session, we'll call on the wisdom of our inner witches to inspire and inform our work. What dark, magical gifts are ready to be brought forth into our soul-infused work? Growth Project task #5.

Week 6:  Integration + Action Part 2.  How is your Growth Project going? This week will be our second mini Mastermind session where you’ll get to share your wins, ask questions, get support around any challenges you might be facing, etc. Growth Project task #6.

Week 7:  Living As If.  In our final call, we’ll collectively journey through the four aspects of our wholeness. Each woman will have the opportunity to present her Growth Project, as well as create an individual plan of on-going support for bringing her authentic work to the world.

*Program archetypes are based on Bill Plotkin's Nature-Based Map of the Human Psyche


 - How It Works - 

This is a small group coaching / learning / growing experience spanning seven weeks in the Fall of 2017.  There are 7 group calls* (90 minutes each) that you can join from the comfort of your own home or office. 

  • The seven LIVING AS IF group calls will be on Mondays from 10am-11:30am PT.* 
  • A week before we begin, you will receive a welcome email and packet with guidance to help you prepare for our time together.
  • A few days before each call, you’ll be emailed weekly material that you can work through on your own time, as your schedule permits.  
  • Along with your enrollment in the group, you will also receive two 45-minute private coaching sessions with Gage, to be scheduled anytime during our seven weeks together.
  • You will also receive Weekly Reflection Sheets to track your learning & growth.
  • The group will be capped at 6 women.


* Each group call will be 90 minutes long, accessible via phone (conference cal)l, from 10am to 11:30am PT (except the first and last calls, which may run slightly longer). The seven Mondays are:  Sept 11, Sept 18, Sept 25, Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 16, and Oct 23.

* Each call will be recorded for you to access later.


    - The Investment - 

    The full investment for this 7-week group is $315. 

    The early-bird registration price of $285 is available until August 21, 2017.


    And Finally...

    "...the risk to remain tight in a bud [is] more painful than the risk... to blossom."   - Anais Nin

    If there’s something in you that's been yearning, longing, even dying to emerge and be seen in the world, I highly encourage you to join LIVING AS IF. 

    My personal promise is that you'll get the support, encouragement and fierce compassion necessary to help you bring forth YOUR unique gifts and work in the world.