Desert Solitude 2018

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."

~ Ram Das


The world has become an increasingly noisy place. Even in our very own living rooms, we are bombarded with voices and thoughts that are not our own, telling us what we should do, think and buy. But it's not OUR voice. And unless we actually give time to that quiet, intuitive voice within, it can get so easily lost to the world and it's fast pace. 

This retreat is all about giving time, space, and recognition to our TRUE voice to emerge - the voice of our Soul.For 48 hours in March of 2018, a group of creative and courageous women will gather in the silent and stark landscape of Joshua Tree National Park to tune out the noise of the world, so as to tune into the voice of their Soul.

Through a mixture of ceremony, wanders on the land, personal journaling, and more, you will have a chance to dive deep within and renew.

It's my intention that each woman who participates  will return back home with a deep remembrance of who She Truly Is and what she's up to in the world. And, to know that she has a tribe of others who are walking in solidarity with her, listening within, too.


The Details

* Please note:  you'll need access to camping gear, or be able to borrow or rent it (many REI locations or Adventure 16 in Los Angeles rent gear)


Who:    Creative, cool, and nature-loving women  (space is limited to 11)

What:   48-hour camping retreat (breakfasts & dinners provided)

When:   Friday, March 2- Sunday, March 4, 2018

Where:  Joshua Tree National Park, California

Cost:     $185