Whereas a typical life coach works primarily to help her clients achieve success with their goals (focusing on the "goal line" of life, one could say), a Soul-Centered Professional Coach (SCPC) also works with her clients on the "soul line" of their lives - or, said another way, who they are here to truly BE and what they are here to give as a soul on the planet at this time.



  • A truth-teller
  • An accountability partner
  • A cheerleader for YOU and your SOUL
  • Someone who will help you identify any limiting or outdated beliefs that might be holding you back
  • Someone who will challenge you to face your fears head-on, even when you think you can't 
  • Someone who sees your Authentic Self and encourages you to keep listening to your truth, even if (and especially when) it's scary or difficult



  • An advice-giver

Contrary to popular opinion, a coach’s skills are NOT about telling their client what to do. Rather, they are about knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools and techniques to empower their clients to find their own answers within.

This is because the client is the only expert in her/his entire life who truly knows who they are and what they need. They are the only person who can recognize what is absolutely best for them. A coach simply helps her client discover what their own personal best might look like and how to achieve it.

  • A friend

Some people think, "I can just get support and advice from my friends. Why would I pay someone for that?"

Sure, you can get advice from your friends; I mean, we often get it even if we don't want it! 

Unlike a friend, however, a coach is trained professional whose committed to telling you the truth as she sees it in service to your growth (this is sometimes difficult in friendships, due to the nature of the relationship). Since she isn't a friend or family member, she has the unique position and neutrality to ask the hard questions and give the tough feedback others might not be willing to give. This outside perspective and honest feedback is invaluable to the process of growth and change. 

  • A comfort zone

Working with a coach isn't always comfortable because change itself isn't comfortable.

A coach will regularly challenge you to get out of your comfort zone so you can stretch and grow into the best version of you.


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