What I Believe


I believe, as Marianne Williamson said,  that "our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." I believe that we're actually MUCH more magnificent, fierce, creative, impactful, and capable than we realize. And, as we DO realize this about ourselves, the world itself transforms before our very eyes.

I believe that we all do better when we have guides, mentors, coaches, true adults and elders in our lives, helping us to see what cannot see about ourselves.

I believe that we cannot see our own blindspots and that we actually NEED others (who are not friends or family) to help us to see and grow past these places. 

I believe that we do better together than alone. 

I believe that we're each born with a very particular genius, and that our true work is to find, embody, and inhabit that as fully as we are able to while we’re here (no small task to be sure).

Furthermore, I believe that our world actually needs us to take our true place, in order for the entire ecosystem to truly thrive.

I believe that we're here to use our imagination in service of life. 

I believe that our dreams are exactly what the world needs - and NOW. 

I believe that we need more heart, less mind. 

I believe that WE are the ones that can and will change the world, starting from the inside out, and that it's up to each of us to do so. 

I believe that there is really no time to waste. NOW is the time to make real that which you feel in your heart and see in your soul.


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