Gage Christine Bock, MA, PCC    Photo:    Good Human Photography

Gage Christine Bock, MA, PCC

Photo: Good Human Photography

Hello there ~

You might first be wondering, what exactly is ‘Soul-Centered’ Professional Coaching?

Here’s how I define Soul:

One’s truth or essence. It is exactly who we are at our very core. It’s our true nature, and it’s where we fit into the natural world.

I have derived much of my understanding of Soul from one of my mentors, Bill Plotkin. Here is his definition of Soul, from his book, Wild Mind:

“The Soul is a person’s unique purpose or identity, a mythopoetic identity, something much deeper than personality or social-vocational role, an identity revealed and expressed through symbol and metaphor, image and dream, archetype and myth. Some other ways to say this: Soul is the particular ecological niche, or place, a person was born to occupy but may or may not ever discover or consciously embody. Or, in a more poetic vein, Soul is “The largest conversation you’re capable of having with the world,” it’s “your own truth/at the center of the image/ you were born with,” it’s the “shape/[that] waits in the seed /of you to grow/and spread/its branches/against a future sky” [all three italicized lines are by David Whyte], or it’s “your own individual puzzle piece in the Great Mystery.” [Geneen Marie Haugen].

Soul, being the numinous and magical essence it is, can be difficult to grasp or wrap words around. Nonetheless, it is very, very real. And, it’s where the keys to our deepest fulfillment lie.

However, growing up in a [western] culture where the imaginal and invisible things are not really valued, that still, small voice all too often gets packed away to the corners of our minds, leaving us feeling fulfilled.


My path to where I am today has been a long and winding one. And, what I know so far about living a life that's authentic and true to who we are is that it isn’t a linear one. It’s sort of more like this:

the creative path

Scribbly, messy, chaotic, divinely inspired and perfectly imperfect.

At some moment or another in life, most of us come to a point where the old ways of "figuring it out" don't seem to work so well. We likely know a lot about what we don’t want, but we’re not quite clear on what that thing is that we do want, nor do we know how to get there.

It’s during moment like these that having guidance - be it in the form of a coach, mentor, trusted guide or elder - can be extremely helpful. Having someone who’s gone before us - even if they’re just a couple of steps ahead - can make all the difference when we’re feeling like we’re in the dark woods life.

I know that I wouldn't be where I am today were it not for all of the teachers, coaches, mentors and elders I’ve been blessed to work with (and still do work with!) with along the way.


As a Soul-Centered Professional Coach and Personal Wilderness Guide, I help deep, committed, courageous people get clear on Who they truly are and What they’re here to do/be/give, and then live that larger story and purpose out in the world.

I do this work because I believe that each one of us has something important, necessary, and utterly unique to contribute to this world. Not only that, though, I believe that the Earth itself actually needs each one of us to discover and bravely share our gifts - not only for our own health and sustainability as a species, but also for the health of the planet and future life to come.

I believe that now, more than ever before, we need people who are willing to do the courageous work of learning who they truly, showing up fully, and sharing their truth and gifts with the world.

It’s getting late…

The time is now.

Let the dreamers awake,


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