“We never do anything meaningful alone….We do work we're proud of when we surround ourselves with the right people—people who will help us to do the hard work of following our heart.”

~ Bernadette Jiwa

As someone who runs her own business, you work hard and you’re super proud of what you’ve created. You get to be who you want to be in the world, work how and when you want to work, and do what you love. It’s pretty epic!

At the same time, running your own business can be filled with unique challenges:

  • How do you market/advertise your services in a way that’s authentic and that doesn’t feel cheesy/sleazy?

  • When business isn’t “flowing”, how do you keep yourself afloat - both financially and emotionally?

  • How do you navigate the tricky territory between your Professional Self and your Social Self?

  • How do you overcome humility and truly own your awesome accomplishments?

  • How can you move beyond the fear of failure/rejection - not to mention the fear of success?

  • Who’s on your support team, and do they truly understand the challenges you face as a business owner?

This last point is exactly why FEMMA was born: To help courageous, creative and committed women entrepreneurs and business owners get the regular support they need to stay motivated, inspired and in-action, so that their good work gets out to a world that so desperately needs it.

I’ve seen it over and over again: when women gather, magic happens. Blocks dissolve. Projects blossom. We feel heard. We feel seen. We feel gotten - and then we get into action.

Who is FEMMA For?

One part Master-mind, one part female entrepreneur support group, and one part accountability tribe, FEMMA is a coaching mastermind created specifically for courageous and committed women who are ready to take some real action in their businesses this fall.

This group is for you if:

  • You’re a smart, creative and courageous female entrepreneur

  • Working privately with a coach is outside of your budget right now

  • You’re ready to get a project or idea (workshop/class/blog series/new offering/etc) out into the world now and would like support/feedback in doing so

  • You’d benefit from a space where you can meet regularly with others, to help you stay accountable and in action

  • You're more motivated and take more action when you're accountable to other real people ---not some app or check list or online training program

  • You love having fun and laughing along the way!

This group is NOT for you if:

  • You identify as a male (sorry guys)

  • You tend NOT to see life in a creative and/or spiritual way

  • You don’t really like sharing authentically/vulnerably with others

  • You aren’t ready/willing to stretch, grow and take new actions in your business…and perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable in the process

What's included?

By joining FEMMA, you will receive:

  • 8 live group calls between September and December 2019, to help you stay accountable and in-action toward your goals (one of these sessions will be dedicated to creating your business vision for 2020)

  • 2 private coaching calls with Gage, to be scheduled anytime during FEMMA

  • A downloadable/printable workbook with weekly goal sheets, to help you identify, clarify, and take action on your goals

  • Access to a private FEMMA Facebook group, to share your wins, ask for advice, share your ideas, get feedback, etc.

  • The opportunity to share yourself, your business, and create fruitful relationships with other rad professional women

  • Support, perspective, inspiration, motivation, valuable feedback, and fun!


FEMMA meets via Zoom video conference on Mondays, between September and December 2019.

There are two different FEMMA groups to choose from (provided that each one reaches the minimum of three participants, that is). Pick a time that works best for you (no hopping between the morning and evening group):

  • Morning FEMMA Group / 9am-10:15am PT

  • Evening FEMMA Group / 5:30pm-6:45pm PT

The eight meetings dates and themes for each call are:

  • Monday September 16 [Orientation to the group + SMART Goals]

  • Monday September 23 [Professional Self vs. Social Self]

  • Monday October 7 [Marketing I: Smallest Viable Market]

  • Monday October 21 [Looking at Fear of rejection + Fear of success]

  • Monday November 4 [Overcoming humility: Owning our Magnificence]

  • Monday November 18 [Marketing II: Being a Generous Marketer]

  • Monday December 2 [Your business vision + goals for 2020]

  • Monday December 9 [Next steps + Celebration!]

FEMMA requires a minimum of three people to start. I'll close the group at eight women.

Each call will be recorded in case you miss one, but being there live ensures you get the most out of this group.


What's the cost? 

The Fall 2019 FEMMA group is $495.

If you sign up before August 31, you’ll get the early-bird price of $425.

Before joining, there is a short application to complete.

Once you complete your application, please send it back to gagebock@gmail.com.

I will be in touch shortly!

 - And finally - 

This group is not for everyone. It’s clearly not for men. It's also not for women who aren’t ready to take real action in their businesses this fall. And, if I’m being honest, it’s probably not for women who don’t value a spiritual/creative/soulful perspective about life.

It IS, however, for women who are ready to get some good work done, create some magic, and have fun along the way!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, I hope to hear from you.