You are smart, down-to-earth, kind, friendly, big-hearted, and spiritual...but also very practical. 

You have big hopes and dreams for your life, but sometimes feel like you're drifting or off-purpose.

Sometimes you feel like you're not doing anything meaningful/useful with your life, which can make you feel depressed and hopeless for a number of days.

You are someone who likes to challenge yourself to keep growing, changing, exploring, and learning, and you seem to thrive when you have someone else to be accountable to for what you say you will do.

You yearn to follow your soul and figure out your purpose, but you're also concerned with how to make money and take care of your needs, too. You're not striving to make a gazillion dollars (that's never been your goal), but you do get that money is important and you want to be able to support yourself and those you care for. 

You tend to think a lot.... which can be a good thing and a not so good thing (not so good when you overthink something so much that you fail to take a simple action).

Sometimes you fear getting to the end of your life and, as you look back, realize that you didn't take as many risks as you wished you had. You fear playing it too safe.

You've always bee a seeker, someone who's not satisfied with the status-quo.

You value open, honest and direct communication.

You're someone who also values integrity, and endeavor to be a person who walks her talk.

You love to laugh and appreciate a great sense of humor!

I work with Smart, creative and brave People who are ready to go for their dreams.

I work with people who:

  • Are creatively minded, fun and smart people interested in growth, diving in deep, pushing past their fears, and getting down to the real truth about who they are and why they're here
  • Are obsessively curious about what their life purpose is
  • Keep their commitments, both to themselves and others
  • Value courage, authenticity, humor :), creativity, integrity, being super real 
  • Are ready to commit in a bigger way to themselves and their vision
  • Don't let fear stop them from moving forward