"If I can sum up how I have changed over the course of time I have been seeing Gage, it is that I am genuinely HAPPIER and feel like I have become more of who I was born to be. 
Because of Gage's kind, honest, genuine energy, I feel SO comfortable sharing my honest feelings and thoughts that helps me figure out where I am in my life and where I truly want to be in the future. 
I love how we come up with an "assignment" every time we meet for a session that is in line with what we discussed, so even as I leave her place I feel like I am still "in session" and happily working on progressing in the direction of where I want my life to go. 
I think there is nothing more rewarding than working on yourself and investigating who you are and who you want to be. Gage is the perfect coach to help you do that."

-Yvette Hamaya, Yoga Teacher & Relaxation Guru, Los Angeles

“I truly don't think I would be where I am right now without your help so thank you a million time over. Thanks to a lot of what we worked on I was actually very capable of dealing with the many challenges I faced over the season. I realized more than I thought I wasn’t keeping myself accountable for things. I feel very mentally healthy right now which is a good feeling - much better than I was at this time last year. It’s hard to explain everything that’s happened to me and everything I’ve learned from you that I’ve used, but it’s been incredibly useful.

Thank you again!”

- K.R., San Luis Obispo County

"I started working with Gage in 2015. At that time, I was really lost in my career and had little sense of direction. My relationship was good but I didn't know what the next step was or if I was ok with the idea of marriage. And I didn't like where I was living. 

We began by making a list of things I envisioned for myself. I remember being extremely resistant suggesting I needed millions of dollars to have a home on the beach, a big wedding and a month long honeymoon through Europe. Well she helped me find my way to obtain and experience all of those things and more. 

In just two years, I bought a home across the street from the Pacific Ocean, married my best friend (and am very happily married), went to Europe and Southeast Asia (both for a month each) and am currently building an exciting career for myself in an industry that is super interesting to me...and all of this while honoring my own ideals and integrity. 

Our bi monthly phone calls are super convenient for me since I'm fairly busy and can't stand having to drive to appointments, find parking and the whole process. But picking up the phone for an hour twice per month is a breeze. 

I've truly grown so much in these past two years. Not just materialistically, but spiritually as well. She is a very special person and I am so grateful for the work we did together. 

It goes without saying that I recommend you give Gage a shot...but what I truly believe is you should give yourself the shot. Good luck on your journey to find what you're looking for."

- J.B., Los Angeles

"Working with Gage has been of the upmost support for me during the last few months. I think one of the hardest things about enacting the calling of your soul is getting down to the fine points and implementing a way to make your calling manifest. My sessions with Gage have allowed me to birth my calling in ways that have been down to earth and achievable. I think for anyone who wants to magnify the life of their dreams, getting support is essential and I can't recommend Gage enough. She supports both the spiritual and practical aspects of the process, which for me, is essential."

 - Kate Joyner, Silver Moon Poetry, Barcelona

“Working with Gage has been nothing short of eye-opening and enlightening. I spent a year and a half working with her on career and abundance. We outlined clear goals in both of those areas and, over the course of the last year, I realized nearly every vision that came forward for me during out time together. I have emerged a confident, centered individual. I had many things "together" in my life prior to meeting Gage, but a big turn of events in my life threw me for a loop.

As a result of working with Gage, I saw the big picture more readily than I could have on my own. I found that I became less reactive and more responsive to outside situations and people as Gage guided me to see the constant Universal guidance I was receiving.

I highly recommend working with Gage Bock. She is loving, kind, compassionate, open and willing to meet you at your level.

In short, she is amazing!”

- Christina Jimenez,  Literacy coach, Teacher & Artist, Lakewood

“Gage’s presence and thoughtfulness as a coach are incredible.  I felt heard, loved, and was called to reach beyond a few comfort zones by her.  I deeply appreciated her willingness to reflect back what was unclear to me but seemed quite clear to her.  There is an ease about Gage.  Coaching comes naturally to her and I appreciated her willingness to be vulnerable WITH me throughout the coaching process.  It allowed me to dive more into my own vulnerability and fears.  Thank you Gage! “ 

- Kristina Patai, Life & Health Coach, Chicago

"I completely recommend Gage Bock. My coaching work with Her has helped me bring the very best version of myself into my work and my personal life.  Her approach to my cumbersome and often difficult issues is one that is natural and mellifluous.  After every session I am continuously astounded at how grateful and hopeful I feel.  I love that I feel like I am constantly improving under her considerate and patient care."

- J. S., CEO & Restaurateur, Los Angeles

“I have had a number of shifts happen over the course of working with Gage as a coach. One of the most notable for me is my relationship to money and my own personal sense of abundance. My lack of money was the most frequent topic of conversation in those first few months and with out really being aware of it until now, I am in the most financial flow of my life. I found Gage to be incredibly consistent, gently guiding and insightful.”  

- A.C., Musician, Los Angeles

“Thank you for your brilliant coaching sessions. You are focused, loving and present. I have enough inspired homework and next steps to keep me busy for a month. The gift is that the homework is in alignment with my goals and I am inspired to take those steps. Thank you for your loving support and intuitive guidance.”

- K. M., Coach, Montecito

“After being a stay-at-home mom for almost three years, I felt the burning desire to get back into the work that I had always loved, Interior Design. Yet, I lacked the confidence to do so after many years way from the design world. After just one coaching session with Gage and some supportive follow-up, I had done all the necessary steps to launch myself into success.

Through the power of her support, her precise questioning and her clear directives, I was able to land a job at a renowned design firm near my home with flexible hours, so I can still be the kind of mom I want to be while doing what I love as a career.

- L.W. ,Marketing Manager, Los Angeles

“It was a wonderful experience working with Gage!

During our coaching sessions Gage helped me set attainable goals to stay on track through a rigorous academic program. We worked on grounding exercises, priority making, scheduling, time-lining and envisioning my professional future.

As a result of Gage's incredibly kind, supportive, intuitive and effective coaching style, I accomplished important academic goals. More importantly perhaps, I have a renewed sense of excitement for my professional path! By helping me, Gage is helping me help others. Thank you, Gage, for the feeling of empowerment!

 I would warmly recommend coaching sessions with Gage to anyone who is seeking clarity or an extra "boost" in life.”

- M.R., Nutritionist, Redway