What I Believe

I believe that we're each born with a very particular genius - or, as Michael Meade puts it, “…the spirit that’s already there….the inner muse, the divine twin, the resident spirit of the Soul present in each person, that involves our own unique way of seeing life...” - and that our true work is to find, embody, and inhabit this genius as fully as we can while we’re here.

Furthermore, I believe that our planet actually wants (needs) us to take our true place in the world in order for the entire ecosystem to truly thrive.

I believe that when we are feeling confused or unclear about our direction in life that we have actually come to a very potent place: we have come to the end of a known road, and we have the potential to experience life and ourselves in a completely different way. As Wendell Berry said, “…when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work….”

I believe that having guides, mentors, teachers, coaches, true adults and true elders in our lives is essential for our becoming. Having people who have gone before us and experienced the landscape that we’re just setting out onto - and who are willing to share their experience with us - is a one of the biggest gifts we can receive.

I believe that we're here to use our imaginations in service of life. 

I believe that our dreams are exactly what the world needs.

I believe that WE are the ones that can and will change the world with our dreams, and that it's up to each of us to do so now.

I believe that there is no time to waste. NOW is the time to listen to that still, small voice within and make real that which you feel in your heart and see in your soul.


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